Tyre Puncture Repairs

Generally all tyres lose air over time, due to heat, usage etc, but if you need to pump up your tyres more than once a month, then more than likely there is an issue.

How will you know if my tyre is punctured?

If there is a puncture, this will more than likely be seen after the vehicle has been standing still for a while. Never drive your vehicle when the tyre is flat as there is a lack of control, and you can cause more damage to the wheel. Use your spare tyre, and bring the flat one to any Goodhope Tyres store for assessment.

To repair or replace?

For a short term fix, we offer plugs, but highly recommend to rather replace the tyre as plugs are often unreliable. Should the puncture happen on the shoulder or sidewall of the tyre, it will not be advised to repair as this takes the most amount of pressure and can cause serious harm should this lead to a tyre burst. Check out our latest promotion to see if we have your tyre on special.

FREE Vehicle Safety Check

Ask about our FREE Vehicle Safety Check when having your wheel alignment done.