Tyre Rotation and Fitment

Tyre rotation refers to the regular practice of switching the position of each tyre on the car. Tyre rotation helps to equalize tread wear and gain the maximum life from your tyre investment.

How often should you perform rotation?

Refer to your car’s owner’s manual for the recommended rotation interval and pattern, generally a rotation interval of 10,000kms is recommended.

The rotation pattern varies with different makes and models, which shows the tyre locations during rotation. Some vehicles have different size tyres on the front and back or directional tyres. This limits the locations that a tyre may take on the vehicle. When in doubt, consult one of our professional technicians for assistance. Tyre rotation is usually done simultaneously with wheel balancing, another service offered at Goodhope Tyres. It’s another step you can take to maximize your tyre investment.

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